Giving recognition to individuals who perform acts of bravery in rescuing others from fire

Nomination Form

Nominations may be made for members of the public and for police officers. Fire service officers are eligible for bravery awards for actions performed while they are not on duty.

Forms must be submitted by or with the knowledge/approval of a CHIEF or ASSISTANT CHIEF FIRE or POLICE OFFICER.

There are two ways to submit information for submit information for nominations to the Society.


Please click on this link to download a workable version of the form as a Word document. Once the form is completed, please send it to the Society’s secretary at the address shown below:

To: The Secretary, Kristy Tunstall
The Society for the Protection of Life from Fire
c/o 8th floor,
1 Minster Court,


If submitting a nomination by the form below, please supply the name and rank of the senior officer making the nomination, to whom a confirming email will be sent from the Society.

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