Giving recognition to individuals who perform acts of bravery in rescuing others from fire

Submitting a nomination

Principal consideration

The principal consideration for the Society’s Trustees, when considering nominations, is that the persons nominated must have exposed themselves to the hazard of fire and smoke while attempting to rescue one or more people.

Examples of such actions might include:

Who can make a nomination?

Nominations are accepted from:

How is a nomination made?

Nominations are to be made by post or email, using the Society's official application form (see Nomination Form) which has been signed and is accompanied by a covering letter from a senior officer; if sent by email, the sender should confirm that the nomination is sent with the knowledge and approval of a (named) senior officer. Nominations are to be sent to the secretary of the Society at the postal/email address on the Nomination Form.

Possible exclusions

While they always consider exceptional cases, the Trustees do not normally make awards to: